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Post Graduate Certificate in Pilates for Long Term Medical Conditions

The course is divided into bite-size specialist modules * (2 hours + each module) so the course can be absorbed at your own pace. All modules are on-line, with an associated PDF and additional exercises to provide a practical resource.

Once all the modules are completed, a written multiple-choice paper can be completed and by achieving an 80% pass mark, you will have completed the course and be able to download your own certificate.

*Modules can be taken as standalone information or as part of the full course.

Pilates Apparatus Training (Reformer, Tower, Chair, Barrels) - Online & In Person

Pilates apparatus training is divided into modules of varying length, with delivery on-line (live), or in-person. These modules have been designed to provide the student with the full original (classical) exercises, alongside some (contemporary) modifications that may be appropriate for clients.

Created with the student in mind, each module provides a safe working environment for all. Class numbers are purposely kept small to help students gain a deeper understanding of the Pilates method as a whole.

We focus on the essence and execution (as well as the cueing and correction) of the exercise repertoire and how these can be used to build on both yours and your clients’ practice. By the end, you will understand how to incorporate the apparatus into your clients’ sessions with a renewed passion and confidence.

Each course includes pre-course material and post-course tutorial support (hours depending on the course attended).

Teacher Training Courses - 2024

Barrels Course (Live Online)

October 19th - 20th

All attendees must be teaching as a Pilates Teacher or equivalent prior to enrolment.

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